Manipulate Google Analytics Data

In my experience, many people and organizations lack the knowledge to modify the data they see in Google Analytics. It can be very powerful to manipulate the data for enhancing business insights!

I run this nameless blog almost 10 years ago.
then years analystics look like reliable so I delete all other visitor counter tools now 2022 as you know google hide anti-vaxx articles, youtube block or not listing anti-vaxx videos. what “googling?” searching not google” hollywood movies, usa TV show, all Internet newspaper, videos, education, all propaganded this word “GOOGLING” merely 10 years agonobody know this word “GOOGLING” noone know that suddenly appeard “GOOGLING” now 2022 every Brainless youtubers, TVs, NEWSPAPER use this word “googling”.
what are you fuckheads mean “googling?” why use that fucking word?

not googling it is called searching.

what is googling


google manipulating analytics data