Today’s “children” are tomorrow’s useless eaters

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1. of course authorities are complicit
police social workers an parents all knew that politicians at the top of the food chain were alowowing children to be kidnapped in the north of england by muslims
Sir anthony blunt jimmy saville and a host of BBC DJs and actors stephen fry etc all above the law let alone the 100 boys abused by greville janner

2. Why do you all pretend to care about children? Is it a need to pretend you’re “good people”, or perhaps some need to cover up just how rotten you really are? If you really cared it wouldn’t carry on would it? And the real icing on the cake is the way that at some point the “children” become adults and then you instantly treat them with the same contempt that you treat everyone else with. Today’s “children” are tomorrow’s useless eaters. Better to kill them young then have them forced to “live” in the world you’ve created, a world which you all admit sucks to high heaven. Better yet, don’t have them to begin with, as it will only get worse as time goes on.

3. The film’s techniques tell me the traffickers made it, like the Aussie film about Satanists where the alleged whistle-blower described a killed three-year-old with “come-to-bed eyes”

4. You NEVER, EVER trust police nor anyone in authority.
I was recently asked to join an anti-trafficking ops’ team in Europe. I was told by the team leader often times they haven’t been able to interdict BEFORE THE ‘SHIPMENTS’ ENTER A U.S. MILITARY BASE and are then flown out on U.S MILITARY planes.

Your ‘Khaki Heroes’ are in it up to their little ‘aiding and abetting’ necks.

And that’s why NO military is standing up against their illegal and corrupt government, while pretending there’s ‘nothing wrong’.

Your military WILL open fire on you, armed or not. You do not have a military to protect against invasions. You have a military to protect The System

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