“According to what (Jew) Haeem Samuel Kehimker and other Israelite historians say about the Jews in India, the Israelites who emigrated to this great country sixteen or eighteen centuries ago not only penetrated into the different geographic regions of this enormous nation, but through mixed marriages with people of different castes, they were able to penetrate these castes and the entire structure of Indian society based upon these castes.” pg 2

The Sentinel, February 19 1932:

“That LARGE NUMBERS of JEWS lived in Central China during the 13th, 14th & 15th centuries is beyond doubt. They engaged in commerce, in export & import, & were in CLOSE TOUCH WITH THE JEWS OF INDIA AND PERSIA ; the latter, indeed, were the religious teachers and guides of the Chinese Jews.”

“This Beni-Israel rite of India works in a very secret way, and has great influence in the destiny of India. Many of them act apparently as Brahmans or members of other religions, and through centuries they have acquired Hindi racial characteristics to such an extent that it is difficult in many cases to distinguish them from a real Hindu. They facilitated the British conquest of India (…) Secret Beni-Israeli Jews Gandhi & Nehru, controlled the movement for independence, which was then granted by the Jews controlling the British government, leaving India in the hands of the secret Hindi Jews.” pg 15

Gandhi had 3 Jewish minders in S. Africa – Henry Polak, Sonia Schlesin & ‘soul mate’ Herman Kallenbach – a Zionist;

JTA 1934 article – Jews of the East:

“More recently, Jews from Mesopotamia have come to India and established an EXCEEDINGLY PROSPEROUS COMMUNITY in Bombay and Calcutta. Most of these Jews were employed by the SASSOON’s, themselves Baghdad Jews who had become IMPORTANT TRADERS in INDIA and China. (…) Almost without exception, they are Zionists.”

1st, 2nd, and 5th Presidents of India, listed as freemasons of Lodge ‘Prudentia’

President Dr. Rajendra Prasad (1950-1962)
President Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (1962-67)
President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (1974-77)

(Crypto Beni-Israeli Jew) Motilal Nehru, Freemason and father of FIRST PM OF INDIA


“Jews have been treated with great respect in India and never been excluded from social or political life. (…) they have achieved HIGH POLITICAL OFFICE and their Jewishness has never been a political or social bar. Socially, Jews have been members of EXCLUSIVE clubs and societies and have not been restricted in any social spaces. They have THRIVED in their economic endeavors and been writers, artists, political commentators, film stars, ARMY GENERALS, and even GOVERNORS OF PROMINENCE.”