Why Trump would not win … even though he won by a record landslide.

There are actually several reasons why the owners of the Federal Reserve (and Israel) dumped Trump. However, there is one reason that reigns supreme above them all.

President Trump fiercely resisted the order from ON HIGH (i.e. Tel Aviv) to attack Iran. He especially neglected to destroy Iran’s much-feared (by Israel) nuclear sites that housed their fictionalized nuclear weapons development program. For the Israeli and American Neocon Zionists, this was Trump’s MORTAL SIN of all mortal sins.

The people you see in power are nothing. The only truly powerful family is the British Royal Family [Really Talmudic, Freemason Zionists descended form Babylonian Brotherhood] because of their bloodline. They are the highest authority and control everyone else, they control a network of secret societies that work under them. They are a small fraternity, a few people who have the purest bloodline which goes back to the ancient world. The Hidden Hand is a small secret brotherhood that follows the mystery [Satanic] religions of ancient Egypt and other mystery religions of the ancient world. They control a network of secret societies. They are incredibly well organized. Adam Weishaupt was taught and financed by powerful families who were under the hands of the Hidden Hand. Hidden hand were the ones who, through certain people, had Adam Weishaupt create the Illuminati for certain reasons, some of which are obvious. The Hidden Hand traces its origins back to ancient Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria; therefore, you see Egyptian symbolism everywhere.

Particularly in view of the overwhelming hard evidence documenting the greatest vote fraud and election theft in world history is this never-ending media assault intolerable for Trump. As a matter of historical fact, no one has ever seen so much salt rubbed in the wound as the 2020 election heist and cover-up have done to the true winner—Donald J. Trump.

Whereas the Hidden Hand violently assassinated JFK;
they character assassinated DJT… as they will continue to do for the
rest of his natural life. They will ultimately turn him into the Hitler
of the 21st century in order to completely destroy his legacy and
undermine the Patriot Movement. More importantly, the slow-motion
torture show of Trump will send a message to every other head of state
to not even think about ever leaving the New World Order reservation.