Still many people glued to the media as if one word of it might be true

Have you got it yet?

So true. This is what the media does to your mind. The main lesson of COVID is to stop allowing the government and the media to control your mind. Take back your personal sovereignty.

The good thing is that many are doing this now, not listening to what amounts to total bollocks. The bad news is that there are still many people glued to the media as if one word of it might be true. It isn’t. It never was. It never will be. Truth belongs to you. To your mind. You feel it. You know it. The truth is fed to you from beyond yourself in tiny little thoughts, which you used to ignore in favour of splash and theatre. At last you are listening to yourself, or at least whatever sends those tiny little pulses into your mind.

Those breakthrough notions that happen from time to time are given to us, is my belief. Inventors are not inventors. They’ve learned to channel ideas which appear to them, to act on and believe in what comes in. Have you got it yet? Forget everything you ever learned, or was told. Listen to your own mind, and to those who share their own thoughts and pulses with you. Corporate media has only one aim – to stop you doing that.

Eventually they will kill you. It’s time to listen to yourself. The answers are all there waiting for you.

The first step is to stop the fear planted in your mind, deliberately and through the use of fear-creating techniques – wars, lies, fake epidemics, numbers, numbers, numbers, the panoply of fake news. As regards COVID not even one case can be found amongst you and your own friends and family. Start right there. Let’s work simply from what you know. Ignore everything else.