John Paul Rice Tells ALL about “Holly Wood”

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Born September 11, 1978 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

John Paul Rice John Paul Rice was born the youngest of four children, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

He began performing theatre at the age of 7.

John attended Georgia State University to pursue a degree in International Business.

In 1999, while at college, Rice was given a rare opportunity to work on Jerry Bruckheimer’s Remember the Titans (2000).

Following three months on the film, John directed his studies toward learning the history of cinema.

He gained hands-on production experience by working on a handful of micro-budget independent films between courses before moving to Los Angeles January 2001 to pursue a career in film production.

In 2001, John landed a position at the film finance, sales and production company Senator International (which later became Mandate Pictures) led by industry veteran Joseph Drake (The Hunger Games, Juno, The Grudge, Harold and Kumar).

Under Joe’s leadership, John developed an interest in producing independent feature films.

In 2008, Mr. Rice partnered with director Edgar Michael Bravo to form No Restrictions Entertainment and produced the critically acclaimed indie drama One Hour Fantasy Girl (2009).

The following year (2009), they produced the psychological drama The Magic Stone (2016) and returned the next year (2010) as a duo for the dramatic thriller Memories of a Lost Love (2011).

In 2012, Bravo and Rice created the compelling supernatural thriller Mark’s Secret to Eternal Life (2013). All four films dealt with challenging social issues while telling an entertaining and original narrative story.

The team is now in preparation for their 5th feature with Julie Loves to Gamble.

With high probability, John Rice will be another Bob Lazar

As you see he looks like sane.