Adam ‘Gatekeeper’ Green

When the Judeo-Bolsheviks (Judbols) set up Operation Infowars, they didn’t have the foresight to put a plan in place to deal with those dissidents that would figure out it was an op.

So, they made it up as they went along, starting with charismatic charlatans like Mark Shouldice, better known as “Mark Dice”. This character staged a falling out with Alex Jones in the hopes of shepherding former Infowarriors disenfranchised with Jones and his shilling for the easily-manageable playpen of Judeocracy daycare. Dice would even dedicate Fridays as part of his almost daily Youtube rants to “exposing” the buffoonish Jones. Dice got so carried away (perhaps not) that he was even caught calling Alex Jones a “Zionist shill”. Dice later removed that comment—perhaps due to his handlers’ indecision as to whether such drastic measures would backfire.