US Cast as “Great Satan” in Coming Apocalypse

E Michael Jones tells the Iranians that the US electoral system is owned by the Jews. ( It is operated by their social Masonry – this must always be said ). Indeed a private Jewish bank owns the entire apparatus of government. It is a ZOG. This is not a government that is in any way answerable to Americans.

If Netanyahu is tweeting that US-Israel friendship is at ‘an all time high’ , I think the goyim on the ZOG plantations can assume that the Soleimani murder has begun the countdown to war with Iran.

While listening to the daily blah-blah and yada-yada, both the bonded entities and the valued social capital should not rule out the possibility that it was our greatest ally, best bud and world’s most moral army that assassinated the Iranian general. Soleimani’s many victories over GOG’s Khazaria-Israel proxy terror network would have put him at the top of their list of ‘must do’ assassinations.

In this 2003 video, the McIlhaney Report interviews Christopher Story, editor of The Soviet Analyst and editor of Anatoliy Golitsyn’s The Perestroika Deception. 94% of Golitsyn’s falsifiable predictions have come to pass. Perestroika means restructuring. That is ‘restructuring’ with the objective of convergence with the USA.

According to this mind meld and in the eyes of the goyim, every American institution subverted by the Judaic Supremacy and its Social Masonry must fail. And it must be seen to fail. Not only is the entire apparatus of ZOG West owned by a private banking cartel and its entire economy based on usury [monetized debt], the political / governing class is supervised by a demonic cult: the Chabad Lubavitch. The same outfit that supervises ZOG East.

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