By Paul Joseph Watson –

The coordinated corporate attack on Infowars this week represents nothing less than election meddling and cyber warfare.

In addition to being banned on almost every major social media network, Infowars’ servers are now under attack, with frivolous claims that we distribute porn being made in an attempt to have the Infowars website completely wiped off the web.

The following platforms have all banned Infowars over the last three days. In not one single case did any of them point to a specific video, statement or piece of content that violated their rules.

– Facebook
– YouTube
– Apple
– Google Podcast
– Spotify
– TuneIn
– Spreaker
– iHeartRadio
– Audioboom
– Pinterest
– MailChimp
– Stitcher
– Disqus
– Sprout Social
– LinkedIn

An electronic lynch mob pressured all these companies to cave to partisan outrage, and they gleefully complied.

But this goes far deeper. This isn’t just “private companies” exercising their right to ban users, this is monolithic corporations, the biggest of which yield more power than most national governments working in tandem with the deep state and the media-industrial complex to crush dissent.

As Matt Taibbi exposed his his Rolling Stone article, Facebook recently banned a number of accounts with the justification that they, “sought to inflame social and political tensions in the United States,” a vague accusation which could be leveled against virtually any political pressure group or activist media outlet.
The bigger story here though is that Facebook was aided by the deep state itself in shutting down these accounts.

“Facebook was “helped” in its efforts to wipe out these dangerous memes by the Atlantic Council, on whose board you’ll find confidence-inspiring names like Henry Kissinger, former CIA chief Michael Hayden, former acting CIA head Michael Morell and former Bush-era Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff,” wrote Taibbi.

“These people now have their hands on what is essentially a direct lever over nationwide news distribution. It’s hard to understate the potential mischief that lurks behind this union of Internet platforms and would-be government censors,” he added.

In other words, Big Tech is now working hand in hand with representatives of what Eisenhower warned Americans about nearly 60 years ago – the military industrial complex – to close down media outlets and silence free speech.

Add to this the fact that CNN, BuzzFeed and other establishment news outlets have been lobbying to have Infowars shut down for at least 6 months. Add to this that Democratic lawmakers have been lobbying to have Infowars censored for months.

It all becomes clear; This is not “private companies” enforcing their terms of services, this is a coordinated cyber attack on Infowars.

As Dr. Robert Epstein made clear in a town hall with Breitbart News last night, this is about political oppression and election meddling. Dr. Robert Epstein says Google helped shift 2 to 3 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor with bias search algorithms.

“The fact that it’s really just two or three companies – mainly two – and that they have similar politics, that just makes this even crazier. In fact, I say in this upcoming article that if these companies in November all happen to be favoring the same political party, I estimate conservatively – and I emphasize conservatively, even though I’m not a ‘conservative’ – that they could shift upwards of 12 million votes,” he warned.

Epstein said that Google alone was probably responsible for shifting 2-3 million votes in Hillary Clinton’s favor as a result of algorithm manipulation. “The big issue here, no matter what one thinks of Alex Jones, is: Who on Earth gave these private companies the power to make decisions about what everyone in the world is going to see or not see,” he added

“That is the key issue here. Who gave this power to these companies? And the answer is, nobody. Nobody has thought this through. There are no relevant laws or regulations in place, at least in the United States. If people really started thinking about this, they would realize – again, no matter what their feelings are about Donald Trump, or Alex Jones, or anyone else – wait a minute, these companies shouldn’t have that power, period,” Epstein said.

The results of this New York Times poll, in which 78% opposed Twitter banning Infowars, tell you everything about why Big Tech, in alliance with the corporate media, banned Infowars. They’re petrified that they no longer control the narrative. They’re petrified that their propaganda is being challenged by media outlets with far smaller resources. Ron Paul said it best:

“You get accused of treasonous activity and treasonous speech because in an empire of lies, the truth is treason. Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”