By Mac Slavo –

Mark Taylor, the author of The Trump Prophecies recently sat down with Greg Hunter for an in-depth interview. In the interview, Taylor discusses the “red tsunami” vs. the “blue faucet drip” that is likely to take place, according to his prophecies, in the midterm election.

Taylor correctly predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory years before the president defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016. Although that is the best known of Taylor’s prophecies, which he claims came straight from God, but he’s made other prophecies, and many also seem to be beginning to come true now. Taylor discussed his predictions for the 2018 midterm elections which are quickly approaching and will hit us all in November.

“If you are part of the Army of God, you need to be ready also because there are going to be politicians that are going to resign. We have had the biggest number of resignations probably in history. This midterm election is going to be huge. This is going to be a red tsunami. They keep talking about the blue wave. I think it’s going to be a blue drip, a leaky faucet, and that is all they are going to get. You have had more resignations than we have ever seen. Now is the time to go in and capture this ground and hold it for the Kingdom of God. . . . It’s not a left or right thing. God is moving us towards a place of righteousness. That’s what’s happening right now. So, he’s going to be replacing these people. If you are called to be a judge, senator, congressman or a council person, I don’t care what level local, state or federal, take your place and get ready. If you are in the Army of God and you don’t vote, you need to get off your behind and register to vote. These are going to be the most important midterm elections in America’s history—period.”

“I don’t think there is going to be another Democrat in the White House for a long time, if ever again. I believe you are seeing the death of the Democrat party right now.” -Mark Taylor
Taylor also predicted military tribunals will come for the corrupt politicians, and that Barack Obama will be stripped of his presidency and jailed for treason. A November 2015 prophecy called “Time is Up for Those Who are Corrupt” is one of the ones coming to fruition. Taylor explains:

“This includes President Obama. I got attacked because I said President Obama was going to go to jail or prison because he was going to be charged with treason. The prophecy says the presidency would be “ripped and stripped from him.” . . . The point to “Time is Up for Those Who are Corrupt” is this is not just judges, but political leaders. It is religious leaders. God is exposing religious leaders and corruption going on in the churches right now. You are seeing things come out about the Vatican, the bishops, pedophilia and even child sacrifices all coming out now. God is done with this stuff. The hammer of justice is not coming, it is falling now. . . . (In the 2015 prophecy) God said he was going to clean out those who are the darkest. It’s in the political realm. It’s in the religious realm. It’s in the Hollywood realm.”

Taylor then claims that it is Hollywood that we will see “gutted” in the future for their part in normalizing pedophilia.

“Hollywood is fixing to get gutted, folks. I have been saying this for a while and that is God is going to gut the news media, and we are seeing that taking place right now, and all this takes place and it’s hand in hand. God is also going to gut Hollywood. Twitter erupted into a huge thing recently over this James Gunn thing. (Fired director of Guardians of the Galaxy movies) When it erupted, they were making these pedophile jokes, and the reason they are doing this is they are trying to desensitize the people to it. You know, ‘that’s funny’ because they are trying to desensitize the people. Now, if you notice they are trying to link arms with the LGBT community. If those guys are smart, they will tell these guys (pedos) to hit the road and won’t have anything to do with them. They are trying to mainstream pedophilia and make it look like it’s okay. They are trying to desensitize people, which is why all of Hollywood busted out with these pedophilia type jokes. . . . When God guts Hollywood, this is what he’s starting to do, you are going to see some big names come out. When he does this, the Christian producers, actors and actresses better get ready to take their place because there is going to be a void there. So, we, as the Army of God, better be ready to step in and fill that void. If you don’t, the enemy will come back, and it will be seven times worse.”

Taylor has been called the worst names in the book for making these prophecies, but he’s also standing by them and they are all beginning to look like they are coming to fruition.