President Trump’s Best Option in Korea is to Arrest the Communist Moon Jae-in

★President Trump’s Best Option in Korea is to Arrest the Communist Moon Jae-in Immediately and Restore Park Geun-hye to the Presidency [TePyung TV] 180530 W [Kim Ilsun’s Bull’s-eye]

President Trump has a way of doing things. Let’s call it the “Trump Way.” The Trump Way is demonstrated in the way Trump makes deals. In his book, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump talks about using your leverage. This is what he says. “The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it. That makes the other guy smell blood, and then you’re dead.”

At the heart of the Trump Way is the ability to walk away from a bad deal.

In negotiating any deal, the key points of the transaction must be communicated accurately to the other party. I must, of course, be certain that the deal will be a successful one for me, while at the same time convincing the other party that making a deal with me is in his or her best interest. In other words, I have to make the other party think, “If I don’t make this deal, it’s my loss.”

What is the deal that Trump is offering Kim Jong-un? Support in the form of cash sent directly to North Korea is out of the question. North Korea must get rid of all its nuclear weapons and satisfy the United States that it has done so. If North Korea does this, then US businesses will invest in North Korea in order to provide a way for the North Korean people to eat and live. The US will also ensure that Kim Jong-un is not killed by his own people like Gaddafi. This is not a guarantee of regime survival, but rather certain protections for his personal survival. The alternative for Kim Jong-un is death as a result of a military strike.

When President Trump recently announced that the Singapore summit was being canceled, Pyongyang responded almost immediately in an attempt to save the summit. This shows how desperate they are.

Trump has reached the conclusion that North Korea’s communist regime must be completely overthrown. The only question is how this outcome will be achieved. Will it be necessary to go to war? Or will Kim Jong-un voluntarily accept such an outcome? Neither is what Kim Jong-un wants, but he has no power to demand something else. That is the reality.

President Trump is putting more weight on proceeding with the former option. Why? Because of the implications it has on taking down communist China.

What is President Trump’s objective?

He wants to win the war against the Globalists. Even before his election, he had begun to fight this war. To this end, it is essential to destroy the Globalists’ war assets. For example, terrorists such as IS are used by the Globalists. These are low-level assets. High-level assets are those that control the sovereignty of nations. Three communists – Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, and Moon Jae-in – are the Globalists’ core war assets.