Teenage hostess offered £75,000 for sex by old pervert

“I do like that you are young”: Teenage hostess offered £75,000 for sex by old pervert at Presidents Club dinner

A 19-year-old who worked at the notorious charity dinner says her bum was repeatedly groped and that a man in his 70s offered her huge sums of money for sex, believing she was a prostitute

Hostesses mingle with male guests before the charity event

A teenage hostess at the ­notorious Presidents Club bash has claimed an elderly man offered her £75,000 for sex and told her: “I like that you’re young.”

The 19-year-old claimed her bum was repeatedly groped and she was certain prostitutes mingled among regular waitresses at the after party.

Police were last night considering investigating claims of “groping and harassment” at the event. Several MPs urged the Met to look into allegations about the way women were treated at the function for 360 men, billed as “the most un-PC event of the year”.

Dozens of women were employed as “hostesses” and ordered to wear skimpy black dresses, matching underwear and high heels for the charity dinner at The Dorchester Hotel in London.

Our source, who worked for the “first and last” time as a hostess, recalled a series of sleazy encounters.

Inside the sordid Presidents Club bash

She said: “An old man in his 70s ­beckoned me over and said, ‘I will offer you £50,000 for sex’. When I said I no, he said, ‘OK then, £75,000’.

“He could not get it into his head I couldn’t be bought. He assumed I was a prostitute. I told him my age and he said, ‘My youngest daughter’s older than you – I like that you’re young’.

“It was scary. I spent the last hour hiding in the toilet.”

The student said many attendees wanted to “feed” the younger women.

She added: “One man made me sit next to him and tried to spoon-feed me a chocolate dessert. It was the creepiest thing.

Dozens of women were employed as “hostesses” and ordered to wear skimpy black dresses

“I know men had rooms ready booked in the hotel. In the after party all the men were groping the girls.

“There were girls sitting on sofas trying to get away from these creepy old guys.”

She claimed Caroline Dandridge, founder of Artista Events, the agency that provided the hostesses, said to them as they were about to enter the event: “Men go to this event to have fun and get away from their wives.”

There is no suggestion Ms Dandridge or Artista Events were aware there may have been prostitutes there, or that they supplied prostitutes for the event. Our source added: “We thought attendees were there to raise money for a ­children’s charity. It’s disgusting.”

A confirmation email sent from Ms Dandridge to hostesses – seen by the Daily Mirror – said 130 of them would work the room for nine hours, at a fee of £150 + £20 for travel.

London’s exclusive Dorchester Hotel hosted the party

It tells them they would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and adds: “Nothing must be discussed/disclosed before, during or after the event to anyone, your flatmates, boyfriends, work colleagues – ever.”

Ms Dandridge, 37, did not reply to our requests for comment today.

However, one businessman who attended insisted there was nothing “sinister” about the men-only bash.

He said: “It’s been painted as some kind of Roman orgy. That’s miles away from being the truth.”

He spoke as Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable and his deputy Jo Swinson wrote a letter to Met chief Cressida Dick expressing public outrage over the reports of “wealthy and powerful men groping, intimidating and abusing women at a charity dinner”.

It said: “We would be grateful if you can now confirm that the Metro­politan Police will investigate the criminal nature of allegations made against individuals involved.”

Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi was given a “dressing down” for attending the dinner

Other MPs urged Scotland Yard to investigate if potential pimping, harassment or sexual assault offences were committed.

Meanwhile, Children’s Minister Nadhim Zahawi was clinging on to his job as questions were asked about why he attended the dinner.

He got a “dressing down” from Tory chief whip, Julian Smith, on Wednesday.

Tory colleague Maria Miller said: “No government minister should be going to an event where women are only there as the entertainment.

“There are questions about why Nadhim had accepted this invitation.”

Writing on Twitter, Mr Zahawi condemned the behaviour at the event and claimed he left after 90 minutes as he felt “uncomfortable”.

Prime Minister Theresa May said she was “appalled” by what went on.