Two Teens stabbed 12 students and teacher in bloody Columbine style attack

Teens who stabbed 12 students and teacher in bloody Columbine style attack abandoned suicide pact when cutting each other “hurt too much”

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Former pupils Lev Bidzhakov and Alexander Buslidze are the sons of rich local businessmen it has been revealed

Two teenagers who attempted a “Columbine style” massacre reneged on their suicide pact after school a stabbing frenzy because it hurt when they cut each other.

Knife wielding maniacs Lev Bidzhakov and Alexander Buslidze are the children of two rich businessmen it was revealed last night.

The pair attacked their own school in Russian city Perm, leaving heroic teacher Natalia Shagulina, 46, fighting for life, and a dozen students wounded.

The teacher fought to protect her class when the masked pair went on the rampage.

But one boy risks losing an eye after his face was slashed, according to local official sources.

Ms Shagulina, who suffered neck wounds and a massive blood loss in the school mayhem, came out of a coma today but remains in a “grave” condition.

The footage shows Lev Bidzhakov covered in blood being led away by police
Bidzhakov and Buslidze attacked twelve children and a teacher in their rampage

Surgeon Andrey Ronzin, said: “She is conscious again. She understands words, reacts to what you say, but she is still on life-support. She is too weak.”

A pupil told Mash online media of the terrifying ordeal, during which he was stabbed.

“Suddenly two senior students dressed in black rushed into the class, one of them went to the teacher and started stabbing her with a knife,” he said.

“The second, also with a knife, stood by the door and didn’t allow anyone to escape.

“We panicked, screamed ‘Help’ and moved towards a window.

“As soon as we tried to escape, the first pointed the knife at us.

Horrifying images from the scene showed blood on the floor, as reports emerge of students just ten years old being injured trying to protect their teacher
The cowardly pair abandoned their suicide pact because ‘it hurt too much’

“He started stabbing those who tried to escape.

“When he stabbed me with a knife, I backed off towards the window.

“Then the second one came came closer to me.

“I raised hands to surrender and he made a gesture to show he won’t stab me again.

“One of the boys, Sasha, ran towards the door and then he was stabbed with a knife.

Shocking images released today shows the moment 16 year old Bidzhakov – covered in blood – was detained and led away from the school.

One of the photos posted by Lev Bidzhakov on social media
Attacker Alexander Buslidze survived the attack – both are being held under armed guard in a nearby hospital

Horrifying images from the scene showed blood on the floor, after terrified children fled to a nearby shopping centre to escape their attackers.

Police have claimed that both of the suspects were “fans” of the Columbine Massacre, where two isolated teens killed 13 of their classmates and then themselves.

Moments earlier he and Buslidze, 15, had broken a pact to kill each other with their hunting knives – because it was “too painful” when they tried to cut each others veins.

A report citing law enforcement sources said the boys had “agreed that at the end of the attack they would stab each other.

“They did manage to knife each other once time but it was too painful so they stopped and did not kill each other as planned.”

Both are now in hospital under armed guard.

Reports say the two teenagers are from ‘wealthy’ local families with Bidzhakov’s father running several freight companies and Buslidze’s parents owning a prominent interior decoration business.

They are being investigated for the attempted murder of the teacher and pupils.

A selfie video also emerged of Bidzhakov allegedly smoking drugs.

A dozen children aged 10 and 11 were injured in the attack.

Nine needed hospital treatment, as did the teacher and the two suspects.

Doctor Igor Tyunyagin said: “Two children are in intensive care.

“One boy was stabbed in his neck, another – in his eye.

“Seven other injured children have cuts on various parts of their bodies.”

A mother claimed that after the attack children fled from the classroom to summon help but were ignored by the school authorities and security guards.

They had to rush to a nearby shopping centre to raise the alarm.

“It is shocking that the children who ran down to the ground floor had all their clothes in blood but adults who were there did not react and did not call police,” she said.

“Only people from the shopping centre called the emergency services.”

These chilling scenes come from videos taken by fleeing pupils