US General warns China is FIGHTING a PROXY war with US amid WW3 fears

North Korea THREAT: US General warns China is FIGHTING a PROXY war with US amid WW3 fears

NORTH KOREA is being “funnelled” things by China who are using the escalating tensions as a “proxy war” with the US, former US Army General Anthony Tata has warned.

North Korea is being used as a buffer by China between the West and their border, Brigadier General Anthony Tata warned.

His comments to Fox News come after US satellite images claim to show Chinese tankers transferring fuel to North Korean ships 30 times in just three months despite UN sanctions preventing countries from trading with Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Tata said: “Well China, normally when they agree with us, they abstain from a UN vote and now they are trying to put a good face forward on this.

“I think but about a year ago they had a 28 percent increase in trade with North Korea and I think they’re probably feeling a little bit of a sting.”

The former general added that China are using North Korea as a “proxy war” with the United States.

He said: “They’re probably funnelling things to North Korea that they shouldn’t and they’re fighting a proxy war with us through North Korea.

“They don’t want to lose that North Korea buffer between the West and their border.”

Shocking photos released by the US Treasury show vessels tied together in the West Sea, using hoses to transfer the oil.

The US Treasury published surveillance photographs reportedly taken on October 19 of the North Korean vessel Rye Song Gang 1 lashed to a large Chinese vessel in deep waters

The US Treasury said: “North Korea is known to employ deceptive shipping practices, including ship-to-ship transfers, a practice prohibited by the UNSC.

Ship-to-ship trades with North Korea are banned under a UN Security Council (UNSC) resolution adopted in September.

Tensions in the region have soared this year, leading to fears Kim’s provocative nuclear and missile tests could spark World War 3.

Robert Kelly, professor of political science at South Korea’s Pusan National University, said the claims were plausible.

He said: “There is a lot of under-the-radar on the Chinese side.

“Beijing does not police the border strictly or enforce the sanctions toughly. This could be that.”

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China’s Defence Ministry insisted China strictly enforces UN resolutions on North Korea, including trade embargoes.