Kim Jong-un will SELL nuclear weapons to ‘TERRORISTS’

North Korea THREAT: Kim Jong-un will SELL nuclear weapons to ‘TERRORISTS’

KIM JONG-UN could sell North Korea’s nuclear weapons to terrorists or its “kissing cousin” Iran, according to retired US Army General Jack Keane.

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North Korea could sell its nuclear weapons and make the world “a much more dangerous place”, former US army general Jack Keane has warned.

Speaking to Fox News, the four star army general praised Donald Trump for how his administration has handled the tense situation with North Korea.

He said: “This is a clear-eyed and reality-looking President Tump administration, they see the world as it truly is and you can see that in their national security strategy that they unfolded about a week or so ago.

“They see this North Korea threat as being totally unacceptable.”

Keane added that Kim Jong-un could sell the weapons to terrorists or its “kissing cousin” Iran.

He said: “Listen if he acquires these miniaturised nuclear weapons he’s going to sell them, would he sell them to a terrorist who gave him lot of money? Of course he would.”

“So this proliferation is going to go on and his cousin, his kissing cousin is Iran so it’s not just about their missiles pointed at the United States.”

“It’s that the world becomes a much more dangerous place.”

Keane also said that military options are “back on the table” alongside the sanctions imposed by the UN on the secretive state.

He said: “These military options are back on the table, the economic effort led by the diplomatic effort is clearly the United States’ main effort.

“And we’re doing everything we possibly can with China and the other allies to get these guys to shut down.”

North Korea’s continued escalation of its nuclear missile tests as well as it’s relationship with Iran, which US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said could become the “next North Korea”, have sparked World War 3 fears.

US satellite images claim to show Chinese tankers transferring fuel to North Korean ships 30 times in just three months despite UN sanctions preventing countries from trading with Kim Jong-un’s regime.

The US Treasury published surveillance photographs reportedly taken on October 19 of the North Korean vessel Rye Song Gang 1 lashed to a large Chinese vessel in deep waters

Brigadier General Anthony Tata warned China are using North Korea as a “proxy war” with the United States.

He said: “They’re probably funnelling things to North Korea that they shouldn’t and they’re fighting a proxy war with us through North Korea.

“They don’t want to lose that North Korea buffer between the West and their border.”