Maniac of Novosibirsk

Maniac of Novosibirsk (in Russian “Новосибирский маньяк”)

Span of killings: 1998-2006

Location: Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia

Victims: 17 or 19 females

Suspect: former policeman Evgeniy Tchuplisnkiy

Motive: presumably sexual offences



On 19 October 1998, on a dump in the forest on the left bank of the Ob River in Novosibirsk, near the Tylinskiy village, body parts of a young female were discovered. The body was found without breasts and uterus. The parts of the body were found in the old fridge. Not so far from the refrigerator under the sheet of iron laid the victim’s head. The victim was never identified.

Where one victim was found

The murderer left a lot of strange things at the crime scene. There was a circle on the ground formed from wooden bricks about 30 cm long with unknown symbols. In the center of the circle there was a wooden ring split into 8 sectors with pictures.

The another victim was Anna, 18 year old woman who went to her friend’s birthday party, but never returned home. Her body was discovered in a ditch after a month after her disappearance. It was also separated, one of the hands was missing, but it was found in the mouth of a stray dog. Before the death the victim was raped and after stabbed in the heart.

Most of the victims were raped and stabbed with the knife, their heart had been removed and heads was separated from bodies and put in red nightgowns. The murderer cut pentagrams and arrows on the victims’ skin with the knife. The mutilation was often extreme to the point, many of the victims were so badly disfigured that police were unable to identify them.

All of the murders took place in desolate areas in the outskirts of the city, such as landfills, windbreaks, and hard shoulder of roads.

At the one crime scene the white bloody glove was found and alleged offender’s DNA was found on the fragment of a body.

Red shirt, in which the victim’s head was wrapped, the killer’s glove and those same occult symbols.

In 2006 murders stopped. The last victim of the murder was found in two bags without ritual symbols on the crime scene. It was the 17th victim. She was identified as the missing prostitute from Novosibirsk.



Victims of the serial killers were young females 18-31 years old with dark hair who worked in the sex industry and had problems with drugs, but not all. For example, Anna was not a prostitute. For now only seven victims have been identified.

18 year old Anna, was not a prostitute



When the investigation began the police worked out one main version. They thought that it was a serial of ritual murders. Because of that detectives interrogated local Satanists. Also they interrogated doctors, because the serial killer knew how to dismember bodies; and garbage men, because parts of bodies were found in dumps. But the investigation went to a dead end. All they knew that the killer was a man 40-55 years old, who owned a car and lived in Novosibirsk. Detectives interviewed about 3000 witnesses and interrogated about 5000 suspects (!) who were men of the same age as the killer, lived in Novosibirsk and had a car. It was a great investigation (it’s a sarcasm). They also had a lot of approximate sketches of the killer, but it couldn’t help them.

In 2005 the case was classified and policemen didn’t tell the media and the society about this murders. And this pattern is typical for the Russian police. They didn’t tell society about the “GTA Gang”, which killed a lot of people on the route near Moscow, they didn’t tell about the killer from Angarsk, who killed about 83 women (!). By the way, the latter was a former policeman.

In 2006 the case was cold because the police couldn’t find the serial killer. In this year the killer decided to help the police and stopped murders. Due to the sudden ending of the killings in 2006, the investigators believed that the unknown perpetrator may possibly have been coincidentally arrested, died, or fled Novosibirsk.

When detectives tracked a phone of one of the missing women, who worked as a prostitute, but was not considered a victim of the Maniac of Novosibirsk because she was just… a missing person. They got her phone from a taxi driver. Detectives interrogated him. His testimony was inconsistent and he told them the story about two men who fought each other and lost this phone. He was taken into custody and policemen searched his garage with a police dog. And the dog behaved strangely. There were signs that it was a corpse under the garage floor, but there were no blood spatter and they let the taxi driver go without the DNA test, but took his DNA sample for the police DNA base.

Since 2007 the head of Investigative Committee of Russia put pressure on detectives and told them to reopen the case. And they did it. Policemen caught Vladimir Fisenko, a 64 year old teacher, who drove a car and was identified by a picture by a prostitute, who was attacked and ran away from her assailant. But they were wrong. Again. The girl did not recognize the man in person. The case was a cold. Again.

In 2016 a DNA test was performed and a match was found in the base of suspects. The killer was the taxi driver, who was took into custody and let go. Brilliant!

By the way, in October 2015 investigators arrested another killer who was suspected of being the Maniac of Novosibirsk — a taxi driver Alexey Ivanov, who has confessed to killing four women in his quest to ‘cleanse’ Novosibirsk of sex workers. This was pure luck.



Finally, on 28 April 2016, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that a suspect had been arrested, later identified as 51-year-old former policeman Evgeniy Tchuplisnkiy, however he has not been found guilty of the killings. Now he is undergoing interrogations and sometimes confesses to a crime, sometimes not. He passed a psychiatric examination and was declared sane. Now he is charged with killing 19 women.


the maniac

The Main Suspect

Evgeniy Tchuplisnkiy is 52 years old now. He has two adult sons and a wife, he is fond of dogs. He was a professional breeder of poodles. He also owns a chain of hardware shops and works as a taxi driver. His neighbors and relatives speak of him as of a polite and kind person.

He didn’t confess to the crimes, but he tells investigators about his murders. Evgeniy Tchuplisnkiy also told about the ritual symbols. He used them to confuse the detectives and send them the wrong track. And he succeeded.

I can’t find any details because a lot of information is not published by the investigators yet. We don’t know about his motives and names of victims, any information about chronology of crimes for now. And I hope that one day all of his victims will be identified and will rest in peace.

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