TV Reporter Who Claims Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in Front of Her

TV Reporter Who Claims Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in Front of Her Speaks Out

The TV reporter who is says Harvey Weinstein masturbated in front of her is opening up about why she kept quiet about the alleged harassment for 10 years.

Lauren Sivan appeared on Megyn Kelly Today on Monday, where she discussed the years of silence after the embattled movie producer allegedly cornered her in a New York City restaurant and ejaculated in front of her.

“He was a titan in Hollywood, he could ruin people’s careers if he didn’t like you,” Sivan said of Weinstein.

She elaborated, “At the time I had this great job, I was an anchor at my hometown station in Long Island, I was living with my boyfriend in the city — I had this great life. I didn’t know what going public would do for me.”

“I was lucky enough to never have to deal with him again, I didn’t work with him,” said Sivan. “I didn’t need anything from him, so I didn’t have to contact him again. And also there’s that feeling that so many women feel, of shame, of perhaps I did something to give him the wrong impression.”

Sivan made headlines last week when she revealed the incident to the Huffington Post. She alleged that Weinstein took her to a downstairs area in a Cuba-themed restaurant and tried to kiss her after making a pair of lingering employees leave the room.

“I immediately rebuffed and said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. I had no idea that that’s what this was. I’m sorry, I have a very serious boyfriend and I’m not interested,’ ” Sivan recalled, noting that Weinstein then allegedly blocked her from leaving.

“[He] said, ‘Well then stand there and be quiet’ … It happened very quickly and he immediately exposed himself and began pleasuring himself.”

She said that, looking back, she believes she may have been able to push through Weinstein to get away, but she was paralyzed with shock — “The shock of what I was watching, just kind of makes you frozen, she said.

Sivan came forward with her story just one day after the New York Times published a report about allegations of sexual harassment made against the Hollywood mogul. However, she said it was Weinstein’s lackluster apology — in which he quoted Jay-Z lyrics and admitted he needs “to be a better person” — that prompted her to speak out.

“That apology was the final straw for me,” she told Kelly. “So when I was contacted by a reporter, that’s when I said, ‘Oh no, enough is enough with this guy.’ There was no remorse there was no even acknowledgment of the type of behavior that was going on.”

She added: “I mean, if he did this with me, who’s just a stranger who is not an actress in Hollywood and doesn’t need anything from him, I can only imagine how many other women something like this has happened to.”

Sivan, who claims she has had no further contact with Weinstein since the incident — despite a phone call he made to her the next day — sent a Twitter message over the weekend to those who doubted her story.

“For those asking why I waited? YOU try telling that story 10yrs ago,” she wrote in the post. “Only possible now because of women with bigger names far braver than me.”

The Weinstein Company announced on Sunday that the Shakespeare in Love producer would be removed from his position.

As Weinstein faced backlash, his high-powered attorney Lisa Bloom has resigned from her position as his advisor.