Exclusive: David Kupelian on how ‘mainstream press’ has become the very enemy it condemns

To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? – John 18:37-38

The Benghazi 9/11 attack that killed four brave Americans was caused by a YouTube video. Michael Brown had his hands up and shouted “Don’t shoot” before Ferguson cop Darren Wilson shot him. Man-caused global warming is settled science. Bruce Jenner is a woman. Donald Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon is a white supremacist. Vladimir Putin hacked America’s election system and Trump is his puppet.

Much, if not most, of what America’s “mainstream media” report today as news is either misleading or flat-out false. Yet, ironically, our nation’s elite journalists are up in arms over an apparently new threat they call “fake news.”

And what is “fake news”? That turns out to be a more profound and revealing question than you might think.

A journalist’s job, I have long said, is to be a professional truth-teller, but that raises the ultimate question: As Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”

Traditionally minded Americans, conservatives, evangelical Christians and countless others see truth one way. But those on “the left” – code for a worldview of churning rebellion against the Judeo-Christian, capitalist, Constitution-honoring ways of previous generations of Americans – have their own very different notions of truth.

Of course, Americans have the cherished constitutional right to believe whatever “truth” they want, however absurd it might be. But there is a big price to pay, both as individuals and as a nation, for embracing lies as truth.

The press’ role

The primary role of an independent press in a free society is to report truthfully and courageously, without fear or favor, what is going on in the greater world, but especially to serve as vigilant watchdogs on government and other powerful institutions and people, lest they abuse that power. Thus, the press plays an absolutely essential role in helping preserve and protect our society and culture against every sort of malevolent influence, from both without and within.

In recent decades, unfortunately, America’s establishment press has devolved from simply manifesting a strong liberal bias, to acting as cheerleaders for big government, to openly advocating destructive left-wing causes, to secretly and unethically colluding with favored politicians (as we saw in November’s election), to – most recently – obsessively attacking those who dare report the news truthfully!

Indeed, liberal media bias has metastasized into nothing less than a war on truth.

This latest manifestation started as what appeared to be a legitimate concern over genuinely “fake” (satirical, parody or just plain fabricated) news stories – pre-election tales with headlines like “Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President, Releases Statement” – which while pure mischievous invention, were highly shared on social media as though they were real news.

However, this understandable concern over “fake news” was quickly retooled as an exotic new weapon for attacking opposing viewpoints, “conspiracy websites” and – most threatening of all to the left, which includes the elite media – legitimate news reporting that exposes the delusional nature of their coveted “narratives” (that’s the code word for leftists’ preferred alternate reality on any particular subject).

Even WND was recently designated a “fake news site” (along with the Breitbart, theBlaze and others) on at least one widely publicized list generated by a college communications professor. Since WND, now in its 20th year of operation, adheres to the highest journalism standards, is read internationally by millions of people and is staffed by professional journalists from top news outfits including the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC (before it went insane) and other major TV and print news organizations, you might wonder why it would be maligned as “fake news.”

Here’s why: WND’s worldview is pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-Judeo-Christian, pro-capitalism and pro-morality. Obviously, then, it must be condemned as hateful and delusional by the left, which seems perpetually at war with America’s cultural, legal and moral foundations.

Although the left-leaning American press used to routinely fall prey to Soviet propaganda and disseminate it as though it were objectively reported “news” – the classic definition of “disinformation” – today the media have drifted so far left that they themselves are capable of generating radical left-wing propaganda without any help from foreign adversaries … and turning it into “news.”

For most of our lifetimes, much of the news delivered to Americans by the left-leaning establishment press has been fake – either due to outright commission or, more often, by omission.

For example: Prior to his being elected president of the United States, Barack Obama’s past accomplishments and qualifications – in other words, his résumé – as presented to the American public by the big media was almost entirely fake. The establishment press simply refused to report anything about Obama’s deep, disturbing ties to communists, terrorists, criminals and rabidly anti-American racists, nor his Muslim upbringing and schooling as a child in Indonesia. Instead, they shielded the public from the candidate’s astonishingly radical past and instead praised the little-known Illinois senator as a brilliant, gifted, inspirational, post-racial, unifying political messiah.

In other words, the “mainstream media” literally sold voters on Obama in the 2008 presidential race, picking him up and carrying him high over their heads across the finish line. In so doing, the media betrayed the American people to such a staggering degree that the damage they have caused this nation – and the world – cannot yet even be calculated, as the cost is still accruing. Until the media acknowledge and apologize for their disgraceful role in elevating Obama as president – a role they reprised in 2012 and tried to duplicate in 2016 with the epically corrupt Hillary Clinton – they should never again be trusted.

Fake assumptions underlie fake news

Fake news, when codified over time, becomes fake history – which is what we find, for example, in the ubiquitous but irredeemably dark, America-hating “history” textbook by Howard Zinn, “A People’s History of the United States.” This book is routinely assigned as required reading for our children throughout America’s public high schools and colleges. According to Zinn’s “fake history,” America is at core an evil, racist, predatory ration that has grown in wealth and power only by exploiting minorities throughout its bloody history. Scant reference can be found to the enormous, unparalleled good that America has done for the world, its incredible generosity toward other nations, the hundreds of thousands of young lives sacrificially given for others in wars like WWII, and the multiplicity of ways America have elevated, fed, supported, protected and liberated so much of the rest of the world.

This type of perverse education, by the way, is precisely what has turned such a high percentage of today’s college students against America in favor of socialism, a wretched system that always results in a loss not only of prosperity, but of liberty itself.

Underlying today’s wall-to-wall fake news and fake history is what we could call fake truth – that is, core baseline assumptions about life that are simply not true. Yet they are the very themes we see reflected in so many misleading leftist-oriented news reports day after day.

A few such underlying assumptions include:

  • Islam is a religion of peace. (Islam has been an imperialistic, warlike religion for 14 centuries and shows no signs of changing now – indeed, using intimidation and terror, it is engaged in an aggressive expansion campaign throughout the world,)
  • Homosexuality, as a sexual preference, is genetically hardwired into people from birth and cannot be changed. (There is no evidence of a “gay gene,” but overwhelming evidence that early childhood influences, especially abuse, play a major role in later self-identification as homosexual.) However, actual gender identity – whether one is physically a male or a female – is fluid and can change. (This is literally impossible since, for example, all 37.2 trillion cells in a grown man’s body are permanently branded with male “Y” chromosomes.)
  • America is still a deeply racist nation. (The U.S. is unquestionably the least racist nation on earth, twice electing a black man as president after, decades earlier, having widely embraced Martin Luther King’s “dream” of a color-blind America.)
  • Capitalism is inherently predatory and is failing as an economic system in America. (Free-market capitalism is hands-down the most successful economic system in world history, delivering a far higher standard of living to far more people than any other system.)
  • America’s highest law demands a “constitutional separation of church and state.” (No such phrase exists in the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment says nothing of the sort.)
  • “Man-caused global warming” is settled science. (At least one petition has signatures of more than 31,000 American scientists, including over 9,000 with Ph.D.s, specifically refuting that position.)

The news media’s overall dishonesty and delusion today is in large part a reflection of the all-encompassing deceit of the Democratic Party itself – and particularly, in recent years, the Obama administration – of which the establishment press has become little more than a cheerleading squad.

As TV news veteran Lou Dobbs commented recently on Fox Business Channel: “The Obama administration has largely been a White House built entirely upon lies. Whether it is in foreign policy, whether it is in domestic policy, whether it goes to border security or national security, [Obama] has managed to get away with this because we have a compliant, complicit national media that won’t do their jobs as watchdogs.”

Bottom line: The left-wing news media, like the increasingly unhinged political party it serves as a propaganda ministry, is a creature of fake news and fake history rooted in profoundly misbegotten core beliefs.