NORTH KOREA is the NEW EGYPT. That’s why FREEMASONRY is building a 330 meters high PYRAMID there, through an EGYPTIAN contractor

Hi people.

I’m going to prove that North Korea is the New Egypt.

Or at least, that’s how the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites of the world like to see it, in their sick games.

North Korea is the only country today in the world that can be claimed to have what Karl Marx called a “mode of production” that is similar to that of Ancient Egypt.

The “mode of production” is the socio-economic system of a country.

The “mode of production” of Ancient Egypt had the following characteristics:

– A centralized state and an hereditarian regime, where the Head of State (Pharaoh) was always the son of a previous Head of State

– The Heads of State (Pharaoh) used to make supernatural claims, like that they were descendants of gods

– The workers were “slaves” or “serfs” directly to the State. There were no individual slaves owned by individual slave-owners. Workers were collectivelly reduced to the condition of direct serfs of the State.

Now, look at North Korea in the 21st century: it has the same characteristics of the “mode of production” of Ancient Egypt!

– North Korea has a centralized state and an hereditarian regime, where the Head of State is always the son of a previous Head of State

– There are indeed supernatural claims about the leaders of the country. Kim Jong Il’s official biography says he was “heaven sent”, born in a log cabin in Mount Paektu while his father was fighting the Japanese. “Wishing him to be the lodestar that would brighten the future of Korea, they hailed him as the Bright Star of Mt. Paektu,” his biography reads. The official account of his death also says that just before Kim Jong Il died, the skies glowed red above sacred Mount Paektu and the impenetrable sheet of ice at the heart of the mystical volcano cracked with a deafening roar.

– Workers in North Korea can be considered “direct slaves of the State” or “direct serfs of the State”, just like in Ancient Egypt. Kim Jong-un can be considered the “Pharaoh” of North Korea.

This is why North Korea is, today, the only country in the world that has a “mode of production” that is very similar to that of Ancient Egypt.

Well, but what most people can never imagine is that the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites of the world indeed consider North Korea to be the “New Egypt”, or, at least, they like to “play games” about that…

You may think:

“What? But isn’t North Korea a fierce enemy of the West? Isn’t North Korea a fierce enemy of the Western powers that are controlled by the Illuminati elite?”

No, they aren’t.


It’s all a theatre.

In fact, North Korea is just one more puppet state of the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites, one that they use for playing their games of “New Egypt”.

And I can prove it with facts.

That’s the reason why FREEMASONRY is building a 330 meters high PYRAMID there, through an EGYPTIAN contractor.


What pyramid are you talking about?

I’m talking about Ryugyong Hotel, in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

Read the Wikipedia article about Ryugyong Hotel: [link to]

Ryugyong Hotel is a 330 meter high, pyramid shaped hotel that is being built in Pyongyang, and that is expected to be ready by mid-2013.

Here is a view of the building, still under construction, in 2011:

Ryugyong Hotel is being built by an Egyptian company called Orascom Group.

Well, well… Here we have already significant evidence of the Masonic nature of this building…

Besides being pyramid shaped, it is 330 meters high. Everyone knows about the obsession of Freemasons with the number 33.

So, it’s a pyramid (a Masonic obsession) and it’s 330 meters high (Masonic obsession with the number 33)

But it has yet another element of Masonic “fetish”: it is being built by Egyptians. The company that is building it is from Egypt. The “builders of the pyramid” are Egyptians.

What to say now about the suspicious obsession of people aparently connected to Freemasonry in Western countries about this pyramid in North Korea?

There is a very strange website whose domain is

[link to]

The website is totally dedicated to the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea, and it always refers to the building as “the pyramid”, and has strange graphics that show the building as having internal chambers similar to the internal chambers of the original Egyptian pyramids…

Making a quick Whois lookup for that domains, we can easily find that the website is owned by someone in Graz, the second largest city of Austria, in the hearth of Europe.

Why would someone in Austria be that obsessed about an ugly hotel in North Korea, if this person wasn’t a freemason, who knows that the hotel is an important international project of Freemasonry?

But there is more…

Look at this video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2008, by someone called Wendy Dunham (same surname as Obama’s white mother):

The very “mysterious” video has a length of exactly 3:33

Here is 33 again. Here is the Masonic “signature” again.

So, it’s probably someone connected to Freemasonry.

But if you still has doubts if this is really a project of the Masonic-Occultist-Illuminati elites of the world, check this information now…

In December of last year, the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt visited North Korea:

[link to]

Just one month later, in January of 2013, another Silicon Valley tycoon, Bill Gates, announced that he was leading a group of U.S. investors investing ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the Egyptian company Orascom Group, the company that is bulding the pyramid in North Korea:

[link to]

Believe it now?

North Korea is the “New Egypt” in the games of the elites.

That’s why Freemasons are building a pyramid there, and are very obsessed about it. The pyramid will be ready in mid-2013.

That’s proof that North Korea is OWNED by the Freemasons, and all threaths of “nuclear war” come directly from Freemasonry. Maybe they are thinking about ordering their puppet Kim Jong-un to start a nuclear war, in order to achieve their “depopulation” plans.